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14th of September, 2011

For the sixth consecutive year The AOT Group has secured the number one spot in the “VOYAGES TOP TEN”.

Announced at a two-day long celebration at Uluru the Voyages Top Ten recognises the top sellers in 2010/11 of Voyages product.

AOT’s General Manager Global Sales and Company Director Gary Paterson attended the awards dinner at Dunes Restaurant at Longitude 131 where the top ten were announced. During the week-end the Top Ten were treated to amazing touring and experiences including a “trial run” of the newly released product Tali Wiru (beautiful dune) an outback dining experience under the sky.

“It’s a great honour for AOT to secure this top spot for the sixth consecutive year, we’re passionate about the Voyages quintessential Australian product and are proud to sell it to our customers, Furthermore we are extremely excited about the plans that the ILC (indigenous Land Council) has for the place. A vision which AOT is looking forward to being part of developing.” Mr Paterson said.

In a further testament to their passion for Voyages, AOT Group’s co-owners Andrew and Cinzia Burnes will be visiting Uluru to host their high-performing staff at their annual AOT Stars weekend on the 7 -9 October.

“AOT Stars is our premier staff event where we treat our top achievers across the entire business to a weekend in a brilliant Australian destination and reward them with great hospitality and touring, the Voyages property at Uluru is the prefect backdrop for them to be spoilt and let their hair down,” Mr Paterson said.